"Children of Blood and Bone" written by Nigerian author Tomi Adeyemi

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      Today's review is presented by Alyssa. "Children of Blood and Bone" written by Tomi Adeyemi (@tadeyemibooks) is a powerful and enrapturing read, full of dynamic, culturally diverse characters and a cliff hanger that'll keep you dying for more! Synopsis: Zelie Adebola does her best to survive and keep her head down in Orisha, a land that once hummed with magic. She can still recall the time when Tiders can beckon waves, Burners ignited flames, and Reapers summoned souls. All of that vanished the night the ruthless king demanded a genocide on her people, killing her mother and leaving Zelia and the land of Orisha without hope. When magic suddenly reappears, a movent sparks through the Orishian people, with Zelia in the heart of it. With the help of a rogue princess, Zelia fights for her people and their right for magic and freedom.


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