Rise & Fall of Dinosaurs Review

Ed Serrano Local Educator, Science & Astronomy Enthusiast

Scientific author Steve Brusatte, a rising star in the field of paleontology with fifteen newly named dinosaurs’ species to his credit, explores the fascinating 200 million year long history of the reign of the dinosaur in his book, “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World”. The narrative is vibrant and easily understood as he illuminates why the Brontosaurus, a member of the Sauropod family grew to be the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth, or that the T Rex head was so massive in order to crush bone. Brusattes’ stories are page turning adventures, for example he recalls his expeditions finding new dinosaur species across the globe or his description of what the day was like when the meteor that ended the dinosaurs world and began the world of mammals. Most importantly, he details how dinosaurs survived into our modern world as birds. Steve Brusattes book will be the definitive biography of dinosaurs for years to come.

-Ed Serrano

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