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Their love was supposed to last forever. But after two devastating tragedies, Yasmen and Josiah Wade realized love alone couldn't solve everything... or keep their marriage together. It's taken a year since their split for Yasmen to finally start feeling like herself again. To finally be able to breathe again. But the more she sees Josiah-whether it's parenting their two children or working together at the restaurant they co-own-the more Yasmen realizes she may not be ready to completely let go of everything they had together. Like magnets, Yasmen and Josiah are always drawn back to each other, and one almost kiss soon leads to more. It's hot. It's illicit. It's all good...until old wounds start resurfacing. This time, will they have what it takes to make forever last? Or is it already too late?"--

Before I Let Go (Skyland #1)

SKU: 9781538706794
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