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AI--artificial intelligence--is the hottest internet topic around right now. Since OpenAI released the ChatGPT(TM) AI-powered chatbot in November 2022, it has made headlines worldwide and rocketed to an estimated 200 million users. Here at last is the book they--and you--have been waiting for to make the most of this killer app.

The key to exploiting ChatGPT's power for productivity, profit, and pleasure lies in your prompts, the commands you give ChatGPT to make it do your will. You also learn to maximize your results by working around ChatGPT's current limitations.

What do want ChatGPT to help you do? How about:

  • Optimize your resume and turbocharge your job hunt?
  • Streamline your meetings and follow up on them seamlessly?
  • Research topics in depth, analyze data, and gain business insights?
  • Improve your company's communications and knowledge sharing?
  • Write programs in Python or Rust, and create HTML, CSS, and web scripts?
  • Draft job descriptions and job ads and develop onboarding and training materials?
  • Create persuasive marketing content and powerful sales materials?
  • Write the description, goals, and objectives for a course you'll teach?
  • Streamline and automate home tasks and gather valuable advice on anything from medical problems to relationships and your finances?

ChatGPT can help you do all this--and much more. You just have to ask. Packed with hundreds of examples of actionable prompts for jobseekers, busy professionals, researchers, data analysts, web developers, programmers, salespeople, and human resource professionals, Killer ChatGPT(TM) Prompts is the book you need to leverage this blockbuster technology to the utmost today.

Killer ChatGPT Prompts: Harness the Power of AI for Success and Profit (1ST ed.

SKU: 9781394225255
  • Paperback.

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