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Prepare for plenty of giggles as a kindergarten class arrives for their first day of school but can't find their teacher--only a delicious-looking sandwich and the words "Mr. S" scribbled on the chalkboard. Chaos ensues as the kids argue whether the sandwich must be their teacher. A comical first-day-of-school book of mayhem and chaos by Monica Arnaldo, perfect for fans of Miss Nelson Is Missing.

"This might be the funniest first-day-of-school book I've ever read." --Adam Rex, New York Times bestselling author of School's First Day of School



It was the first day of school.

But even the kindergarteners of room 2B could tell something was seriously wrong. . . . Where was the teacher? Who left this sandwich on the desk?

The only clue, written on the chalkboard, were three simple letters: Mr. S

Mr.S - Monica Arnaldo

SKU: 9780063003958
  • Hardcover.

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