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With all the humor, passion, and soul his fans have come to expect, New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey has written a novel with enough spice to warm even the coldest winter nights....


"Just in time for the holidays...a very funny and engrossing novel...laugh-out-loud humor."--Booklist


Each of the McBroom sisters has her own problems. Frankie, the oldest, is never satisfied. Can anyone give her what she wants? Middle sister Livvy, saddled with a cheating husband, has begun an affair of her own. But her being wronged doesn't exactly make her sideline lover Mr. Right. Then there's baby Tommie. She was treated badly by a man she trusted. Can an older man show her what love is all about? Frankie, Livvy, and Tommie are there for one another through all the drama--and in the process, they discover what family, sisterhood, and love are all about....

Naughty or Nice

SKU: 9780451212986
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