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Here is New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey's debut novel, a celebration of Black sisterhood hailed by Essence as one of the "50 Most Impactful Black Books Of The Last 50 Years".

Valerie, Inda, and Chiquita are three women looking for love in Los Angeles. 


Valerie became the perfect wife to please her husband, Walter, whose football career has gone nowhere--along with their marriage. Then she meets Daniel. Valerie's divorced sister, Inda, has Raymond, who has a hot body, smooth moves--and another girlfriend on the side. Now Inda's scheming to get even. After telling her last boyfriend to hit the road, Chiquita takes up with Thaddeus, Inda and Valerie's irresistible brother. Has Chiquita finally found a good man? 


Sexy and in-your-face, Sister, Sister depicts a modern world where woman may have to alter their dreams, yet never stop embracing tomorrow. 


"Brims with humor, outrageousness, and affection."--Publishers Weekly

Sister, Sister

SKU: 9780451188021
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