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He's in love. She's faking it. Footballing legend Nik Christou leads a charmed life. Rich, successful, and internationally adored, no woman (or man) has ever rejected him--until a tattooed goddess blows his mind and captures his heart with just one kiss. Distrustful of men and disdainful of love, Aria Granger's tongue is as sharp as her winged eyeliner. She knows from experience that Nik, like any smoking-hot himbo with bags of cash, is too good to be true--so she's determined to send this walking temptation packing. Fortunately, Nik's devised the perfect strategy to win his woman...Step 1: Offer her an obscene amount of money to be his fake girlfriend. Step 2: Whisk her away to a lavish Spanish villa--under the watchful eye of his entire team. Step 3: Figure out, between all the fake flirtation and phoney PDA, how to make her love him back. What could possibly go wrong? The Fake Boyfriend Fiasco was previously published as Sweet on the Greek. This version has been somewhat edited, but never fear: it still features a chaotic hero who falls first (and hard), a grumpy, tattooed heroine, and a team of underworked, overpaid, and incredibly nosy sports stars.

The Fake Boyfriend Fiasco

SKU: 9781913651091
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